“Those that know better, do better!”


(with an employee discount network)

Ever heard… “Work hard, play hard.” Typically, with this type of perk, an employee will save up to 50% on:

  • Automotive services;
  • Fashion & Apparel;
  • Electronics;
  • Groceries;
  • Dining;
  • Travel;
  • Theme Parks;
  • Movie Tickets (and more!).

It’s estimated that an employee can save hundreds of dollars per year if they have access to this type of perk.

This math is easy…Saving money = Fun!; traveling, going to movies, dining out… Fun, Fun, Fun!  Saving money in the process = All kinds of fun! (according to my wife.)

This is a VERY cost-effective way to;

  • Reward your workforce;
  • Retain employees longer;
  • Recruit more successfully; and,
  • Increase employee engagement.
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